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We work with Small Business/Startups, Professionals, & Creators. By creating Content and Experiences Worthy of Being Passed Person-to-Person. We're hired most to create content for: Emails, Social Media, Blogs, and Branding. Our specialties include: -Email Marketing -Social Media Marketing -Digital Marketing -Proximity Marketing -Personal & Small Business Branding -Reviews & Referral Marketing
Content Creation - Blog:
What if you could consistently have great content on your blog that shows that you’re the one to do business with? Quality blog posts written specifically for you and fully customized so it looks, sounds, and feels like it was written by you. Delivered to you ready to use. We live with and within deadlines every day.
Content Creation - Email:
Get content for your email that shows that you’re the go-to person in your industry without having to stress about writing it yourself. All the emails written for you are personally customized for you. These are NOT canned emails. They aren’t copied from anywhere. When you hire us – your writers are people that you would hire to represent your company in real life. It’s as if we were right there in your office writing it.
Content Creation-Branding:
You know that tune that stays in your head. All. Day. Long. What if your brand could be that easily remember? Not irritating but quickly shared from one friend to another. We’ll write your: 1. Brand tagline 2. Short Bio 3. Long Bio 4. Spoken Bio (for introductions at meetings or events) 5. Social Media Bios 6. Your outgoing phone message
Content Creation-Social Media:
For those responsible for marketing and growing the business, who want social posts that get them to take the next step – we have the answer. We’ll write them for you. These are customized. There’s nothing cookie cutter about what we’ll create for you. And, you never worry about someone saying “Oh, you use ______________ (name of company)”. No embarrassment of hearing that your posts look like everyone else’s. This is uniquely you and all about you.
Email Marketing:
You can outsource your email newsletters, writing, and delivery to us. You'll know who is reading what topics on your email, on what device, what time they opened your email (and how many times) and you will have all the information you need to group your emails in to lists of interests making your email marketing produce a better return. We'll do it for you!
Marketing Coaching:
1. Discover and Develop your brand messaging: Brand yourself or rebrand. 2. Marketing Plan development and accountability: Fill and sustain your revenue pipeline; from concept to distribution 3. Referral Marketing: Create Systems that develop referral sources, advocates, and conversions
Proximity Marketing:
WiFi Enabled Engagement Marketing Build your customer lists, run segmented and segmented automated marketing campaigns, and get real insights into your customer's behavior. You can differentiate yourself from your competitor by making your messaging a personalized experience.
Review Marketing:
Convert happy customers into reviewers on Google, Facebook and the sites that matter. Recover unhappy customers early to prevent negative reviews. Monitor customer reviews everywhere. Turn positive reviews into automated SEO-friendly Web and social media content.
Social Media Marketing:
You want increase your revenue and referrals using social to grow your list and business. You are amazing at what you do. You’re tired at spending hours on social media. You know it could work better for you but you haven’t found the right person for the job, yet. Your experience has been “blah” at best. You want more than someone who needs you to tell them what do. You need a little less talk and a lot more action. You’re searching for the person who can create content that makes your buyer say “yes”. You want to find that person or team who are best people for the job. Someone who’s gotten results, has experience, and understands your business. You’ve found us!
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