What A Referral App Can Do For Your Business

What A Referral App Can Do for Your Business

Are you tired of repeatedly spending money on constant, expensive advertising?

Are you looking for a way to exponentially grow your bottom line?

Do you consider yourself to be an expert – and a master – in your field?

Do you believe your clients or customers believe the same about you and your business?
Are you getting tired of the status quo in your business?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then your business needs a referral app.

A referral app does for you what you cannot do for yourself: it provides you with the ability to entrust business growth to your clients and customers (we call them advocates) by creating an avenue for them to share their excitement and passion about the product and/or service you provide with those around them. A referral app builds leverage into your business and your advocates work on your behalf to bring you new business – a task that typically uses your valuable time, energy, and resources that can be better spent elsewhere.

Bottom line: a referral app will Increase referrals, consolidate leads, and build brand awareness into your business.

Here’s how.

In the hands of your advocates, a referral app is easily accessible. When meeting with friends, family, acquaintances; when walking their dog; when buying groceries at the supermarket – an advocate makes a connection, takes their phone out, and inputs their referral’s information.

When you have one, two, even three hundred or more advocates repeating this process, you will have a referral-generating machine. As a business owner this is an incredible tool because it allows those advocates that truly value your business and brand to share their passion and excitement with others instantaneously.

A referral app holds a multitude of contacts – new, pending, and loyal – and, when used correctly, provides several ways to categorize, contact, incentivize, communicate with, and monetize those contacts from one place.

This means you’re no longer expending valuable time and energy searching through emails, business cards, and post-it notes to find John Walker’s number you received from a valued advocate (customer/client) ten days prior. Everything in one place means quicker access to new leads and therefore quicker access to business growth.

Lastly, and arguably one of the most important aspects of integrating a referral app into your business, is the increased brand awareness you’re sure to obtain from advocate use of your app.

Brand awareness is defined as, “the extent to which consumers are familiar with the distinctive qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services.” With a referral app your brand (business) can be shared an infinite number of times. The more your brand is shared, the more brand awareness you acquire. Brand awareness, so long as it is positive, is like adding fuel to the fire of your business: it ignites connectivity, excitement, growth, and power.

Statistically speaking, 1,000 customers can propagate “up to 5,000 conversations about a given brand or business.” Imagine harnessing the power of word-of-mouth referrals and maximizing organic business growth from one simple tool!

Now, imagine if all of your most valuable customers had access to a tool that allowed them to advocate for your business on your behalf. This tool would provide your customers with the ability to share your business with their friends, families, and acquaintances and would create a channel for you, the business owner, to communicate with this third party. Now imagine if this same tool afforded you the ability to quantify and capitalize on your word-of-mouth referrals.

Well, luckily you don’t have to imagine any longer.

The Referrl App has been created with the small business owner in mind and empowers you to significantly increase revenue from your business’s word-of-mouth referrals while consolidating referrals into a single, well-organized location. What you receive from Referrl is a web-tool that affords you the ability to:

  • manage incoming referrals
  • contact hot leads
  • monitor your sales-step process
  • quantify closing-rate success
  • incentivize advocates
  • create coupons/rewards
  • assign duties to team members

And a myriad of essential tasks in between.

If you are looking to redirect some of the revenue currently being spent on traditional print and offline advertising, then you need a referral app: you need The Referrl Web-App.

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