The New Form of Business

The New Form of Business
Why your business should embrace technology

A business relies on a multitude of factors in order to succeed. However, most business owners agree across the board that meeting the customer’s needs is paramount. Equally important is ensuring the employee feels educated, equipped, and empowered to meet the demands of the customer in an ever-changing technological world. Learning how to leverage and embrace this technology is a sure-fire way to better meet customer needs and ultimately grow your bottom line.

Here’s why.

Technology is an instrument that, when used correctly, helps you stay connected. However, few businesses utilize technology to its full potential. For instance, did you know that a service like Boostlikes can help you grow your social media following at a steady and reliable pace?

As a business owner, do you feel you use technology to the advantage of your business? If so, there is always room to improve, if not, it’s never too early to start. Fortunately, there are technologies out there which have been created to make communicating with your teams easier and more efficient. At Referrl we use services like Slack and Trello to stay on task and make coordinating projects easier. It’s been a communication learning curve that continues to pay off in terms of increased productivity, accountability and project management.

Increase efficacy by tapping into these valuable resources to stay in the know and keep track of measurable goals. In doing so, you are likely to end up with employees who feel engaged and are more likely to actively participate.

Furthermore, technology like social media is so mainstream that it’s nearly an expectation that individuals (such as your customers/clients), who have the ability to tap in, use social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to name a few. One example is (now a LinkedIn company) to assist your employees in developing new technical skills that can ultimately add to your bottom line. Technology can be a win-win for everyone.

Using social media to communicate with your customer/client base via these social media channels has never been easier. Making the decision to leverage social media spheres means you not only make connections with a myriad of people whom you otherwise wouldn’t have, but you also create channels in which your customers and clients can access you (GFI Digital).

When you make the decision to embrace technology, you increase productivity and access to information. The number of apps available to monitor employee productivity means immediate access to how effectively your team is working, or where you need to make some adjustments (Ginsburg).

Embracing technology is another way to ensure you are keeping up with your customers/clients. Simply put, GFI Digital says it best, “Even if you are not a technology company, your prospects and customers are utilizing technology in some way. They [are] finding better and more efficient ways of doing business and so should you; especially if you want to remain a credible and stable company in their eyes.”

It is paramount to stay in the know and ahead of the times whenever possible. Your customers/clients will use social media to interact with you and to share your business with others, therefore maintaining a strong knowledge of and strong presence on social media are necessary. Tools like Buffer, Mention, Meet Edgar and Hootsuite can help with this.

Being able to communicate in real time with your customers/clients adds value to your business. Digital technology not only increases a business’s efficacy, but also creates and makes accessible an enormous amount of data. Thanks to technology, information can be accessed with the simple touch of a button; from virtually anywhere, the business and the customer/client can communicate with and access one other.

Take for instance our own web-based app software, Our real-time referral-generating system helps small businesses grow word-of-mouth referrals via an app on Advocates’ smartphones.

Technology can also help businesses course-correct before negative customer experiences force their hand. Being able to anticipate user needs and become aware of service blind spots enhances the customer experience, generating a currency of goodwill for those times when we all inevitably make mistakes.

Lastly, it is important to embrace technology in your business because of the increase in profit and expansion potential. After developing systems in how to utilize technology you’re able to figure out which systems truly serve the greater good of the business and which systems are a hindrance overall. This means paring down to what technological advances truly serve the need of the business and excluding everything else. Once you have determined the best way to utilize technological systems, you can expand with confidence that the foundation you have built is one that will last and, even more so, support the weight of growth.


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